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China (中国) Passport Photo in Charlottetown

China (中国) Passport Photo Size Requirements   Passport picture size Width: 33 mm, Height: 48 mm Resolution (DPI) 600 Background color White Printable photo Yes Digital photo for online submission Yes Digital photo size Width: 385 pixels , Height: 560 pixels Photo Paper type glossy Detailed requirements 总体要求 申请人须提交6个月内纸质近照2张及同版数字照片。背景为白色。须包括申请人整个面部和头部。面部或背景无阴影。纸质照片必须由照相馆冲洗或使用专业照片打印纸打印。不得对照片进行修改,不得使用合成照片。数字照片文件须为JPEG格式,文件大小在30K到80K字节之间。如照片不符合要求,须重新提交。 面部要求 表情自然,双眼睁开,全部面部特征清晰可见;可佩带眼镜,但镜片不得有颜色,不得因闪光、阴影或镜架造成眼睛轮廓模糊;可佩带助听器或类似物品。 头饰 不得戴帽子或头巾等饰品,如因宗教原因不得不戴,须确保其不遮挡申请人整个面部。 数字照片提供方式(选择其一) 一、登录中国领事服务网(,使用海外护照在线预约申请系统提前上传、检验数字照片。 […]

United Kingdom passport photos

Passport picture size Width: 35 mm, Height: 45 mm Resolution (DPI) 600 Background color White Printable photo Yes Digital photo for online submission Yes Digital photo size Width: 826 pixels , Height: 1062 pixels Photo Paper type matte Detailed requirements If you are applying for your UK passport using a paper form, you need two identical photos.If […]

US Passport Photos Near Me

Visa US Photos in Charlottetown Passports are required to travel internationally. An application for a passport can be submitted in person at a U.S. Department of State agency or passport acceptance facility, or by mail. To apply for citizenship, you must provide proof of citizenship, a photo ID, and pay a fee. Since the application […]

Creating a logo with AI vs using an agency

With advances in artificial intelligence (AI), businesses now have the option to use AI-powered logo generators to create a logo quickly and inexpensively. However, some argue that working with a human agency is the better choice, allowing for greater customization and creativity. In this post, we will explore the pros and cons of using AI […]

What are the 5 rebranding tips from a successful small business?

The tips are to identify your target audience, determine your brand personality, update your visual elements, choose the right communication channels, and prepare a comprehensive launch plan. 1. How can I identify my target audience during a rebranding process? During the rebranding process, identifying your target audience is crucial for the success of your small […]

Passport Photo Requirements and Tips

As you prepare to renew your Canadian Passport, we’ve put together some tips to help you get a  great Passport Photo that meets your requirements and even flatters you! First, here are the basic requirements the Canadian Government expects for your Passport Photo: Passport Photo Specifications  – a quality and reputable Passport Photo Photographer should […]

Passport photos in Down Town Charlottetown

You can get passport photos in Charlottetown at AT Studio of At Print and Design INC, Location Suite 203 – 129 Kent Street Charlottetown There are many PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS offer passport photo services. They are generally equipped to meet government requirements and provide a quality photo. Discover the professional service offered by AT STUDIO, a renowned studio specializing in […]

Web design and web development

Web design refers to the visual aesthetics and layout of a website, while web development involves the coding and programming that brings the design to life. The essential skills required for web design and development    Web design and development require a combination of technical and creative skills. Here are some essential skills required for […]

What is the difference between print and digital design?

Print design refers to any design that is intended for physical printing, such as business cards, brochures, and billboards. Digital design, on the other hand, refers to any design that is intended for digital display, such as websites, social media graphics, and email newsletters.  What are some important considerations when designing for print vs. digital? […]

What is the importance of logo design and branding?

Logo design and branding are important for several reasons. Firstly, a well-designed logo helps to establish a strong visual identity for a company or brand. It acts as a visual representation of the company’s values, mission, and overall brand personality. A memorable and visually appealing logo can also help to differentiate a brand from its […]